Evil Within

The Meeting

The Journey begins

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Privec Stepped off the galley taking in the business of the pier around him. His galley had docked onto the biggest of the four piers in the cove. The mansion rose up before him above the pier and the water. He looked around at the looks of bewilderment that lookes upon him and listened for the whispers of waht they were saying. “what is he?” said on child. “He must be a cripple” said one woman to man next to her. For dwarves were a foreign race to the people of Telavia with extiction upon their race. Privec pushed on passed the looks and whispers determined to find a new homeland for his people, he was their lat hope for finding their new home. Privec stopped a man and requested “where shall I go to find adventure, companionship, and adventure?”, the man replied “Aye The Mastiff will be what you seek! Plenty there for any adventure one wants to find”. Onward to the pub known as the The mastiff he went.

Across town Acire had made her way to The Mastiff in hopes of finding some quest to help/further her reputatuion as a renowned ranger. When she entered The Mastiff a slight silence fell throughout the pub. She found a stool at the far side of the pub at the bar. she took a seat taking a look around seeing/hearing the bard on the large stage singing in her native tongue, one orc with 2 half-orcs sitting in the back right corner by a stairwell, with a mixture of races dancing on the dance floor, mainly gnomes/humans siting throughout enjoying each other and a pint, and a few looks from the corner of others eyes that were not the most welcoming.

She ordered some wine from a pleasant barmaid who went by the name Amyah, she was human who shorter(5’3"), stocky/busty build with, auburn hair, brown eyes, and copper skin that shown she was kissed by the sun, and upon her first sip caught something out the corner of her eye. She heard “your kind should piss off!!”. She turned to realize that a half-eaten trukey leg was being flung at her. Moving her head slightly at the last minute the leg bounced of the iron cage that encased the bar causing juices and meat to spatter all over her. Outraged and humiliated she sprung to her feet determined to find her assaulter.

Privec had strolled his way through marble streets taking in the sights, sounds, and smells he has never encountered before. Ignoring the jests that were made in his direction for he was in this land for a greater purpose. He made his way to The Mastiff noting the mediocre cobblestone work of first floor. With the two other log stories towering before him. He can hear the clamor of pints and singing from within with the occasional laughter. But upon his entrance he heard nothing but silence and saw nothing but statues looking back at him.

Privec was growing accustomed to the shocked awe that he was receiving from these people, which the Ivory Citadel had warned him of. He ignored the dumbfoundeness of the crowd and made his way to stool at the end of the bar. A barmaid by the name of Layla made her way over and asked “what can I get for ya?”. He repiled “water will do”. She was a tall lass towereing over him at 6’, coal black hair that looked as if it was fresh out of rollers that was inside a blue bandanna, deep brown eyes, atheletic build that commanded respect in this establishment wearing a deep blue tunic. She let out a full belly laugh and informed him “we have wine, ale, dog piss and we can get some grub for ya from the city”. He muttered “some mutton will do” knowing that alcohol was against his code.

Acire was using the entrance of the little bearded man as a diverion to sneak out as all eye were on him. As she glanced at the small man as she neared the door way, she bumped a drunk on a stool who became agitated. He then tried to shove her and she sprung to the sida and out the door way. Privec witnessed the event between bites and was intrigued by the elf, she was the first one he has seen. He took one last bite and climbed down from his stool to go after her. At the door he yelled for her and she continued with either a purpose or embarassment he was not sure. He went after her and grabbed her arm she wheeled around attempting to wretch her arm free. Privec said “I have a quest that will be full of adventure, treasure and honor. The thought of someone who appears to have your skills working alongside me is very attractive”. She was unsure as a rock sailed from the pub side of the street striking Privec’s breast plate griffin head on his shoulder. Privec requested “Shall we move to a place more private setting? May I suggest the church?”

Acire agreed and they went forth to the church. As they entered th sanctuary they were greeted by an older monk who was awaiting Privec’s arrival. “Privec The Prevailent we’ve been anxiously awaiting your arrival! We have a room prepared for you to stay but the Ivory Citadel made no note of you having a companion. No problem we have plenty of room friend”. Acire objected at first, but soon caved due to the persistance of the monk. The monk escorted them to a study where Privec filled her in on his quest for his people. The monk interrupted with distress in his voice explaining tht the most recent caravan had been robbed of the churches salves and healing potions. Privec assured the monk they will make it right.

Privec and Acire were escorting the shipment when she saw two Kobolds hiding behind a tree and a battle ensued. The fought fearlessly aginst the clan o nine kobolds armed with light crossbows and short spears. Arice slaying 4 with her bow/scimitar. Privec smashing three with his warhammer. The last two fled the batle escaping without injury. Privec suffered a bolt to the belly where his armor gaps at his waist. While Arice had taken one bolt in the shoulder. Arice went through and gathered the crossbows amongst the bodies selling them for 30 gold pieces.

They updated the monk and awaited the next days……………..



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