Evil Within

The Third Arrives

A third meets/joins the party.

Privec and Acire awoke in the morning to the smells of breakfast wafting throughout the dorms. They got dressed and made their way to the hall of feasts. As they entered the hall, they saw Thomas(father monk/caretaker) sitting at his usual at the head of his table and sitting to his left was a ruggedly handsome monk . He was garbed in a tan tunic with -—— sash hanging around his neck. The two took there seats on the opposing side of the table with everyone going through there customary greetings. Thomas then introduced half-elf monk as Indie from the Ivory Citadel. Thomas informed the two that he was here to accompany/assist them on their quests and that would be time to get acquainted later.

But at the moment there is more pressing matters. Thomas said “I received a message from Tocan Glyph the governor’s chief advisor that there have been continuous reports of raided caravans like the church had encountered. Also there was a report of missing child from the ruins along with two adults. If you want any further information I will have to send word. But he just asks that we use the resources we have to assist in this.” The group was appalled at the idea of a kidnapping so near to them and got dressed immediately to investigate. They all met out front of the church when they were ready.

As Privec emerged he looked over to the main road casually scanning the are and seen one of the kobolds that had escaped from there previous battle. The other two followed his gaze noticing the kobold. Indie was inquiring if they knew who he was as Privec dashed off in pursuit of the kobold. Acire gave chase shortly after, as did Indie unaware of the reason the pursuit had taken place. The kobold heard a ruckus behind him growing louder by every second and glanced back to see what it was. When he realized it was the pint sized human bearing down on him he let out a screech and fled. He was faster than the rest and privec managed to maintain sight on him as the creature fled into a darkened alley.

Acire and Indie ran past the dwarf seeing the kobold wiggle his way into a hole in the foundation of the towering building. Both Indie and Acire looked but could only see shadows. They both could hear talking, but Indie had not heard the guttural language before. Acire was well acquainted with Orc and could hear the kobold explaining that “I had to come in this way they were chasing me! I DIDN’T HAVE A CHOICE!”

Indie and Privec decided they should go in and find out what was going on. It was then that Acire realized it was The Mastiff and she quickly became apprehensive. Upon entering The Mastiff Privec made his way to the center of the pub by the fire pit. Looking for any evidence of holes along the wall with none found. Acire was making her way to him, when she saw a patron next to her spin around and attempt to snatch her arm as he was saying “We burn elves here why don’t you make it easy and leap into the fire yourself”.

Indie was standing at the door way taking in the sights as he witnessed the attempted assault take place. He quickly took a step in that direction determined to teach the drunk a lesson. AS the drunk stood to meet him there was shout in the language that he did not understand. Both Privec and Acire heard scream “NO!” and turned to see the two half-orcs stand. One half-Orc started making his way in Indies direction who was confused as to what was taking place. The other one made his way across the dance floor towards Acire and Privec. Acire picked the drunk’s stool up and was preparing to clobber him. Indie yelled to Acire to inform the orcs that “this is not there fight”. Privec had to deescalate the situation and seized the drunk in a choke hold as the orcs closed in on his friends. The drunk quickly submitted to his will and went to the bar. Acire tired of the continued onslaught of this place stormed out of the pub. The orc in the back ordered them to “sit or leave” and Privec made his way to a corner table to have a seat.

Indie too proud stood toe to toe with the first half-orc as he pointed over to Privec’s table. Indie refused and the other half-orc leaped off a stool over a patron and landed on the left side of Indie and pointed to several empty seats around the pub. Indie put his hands up and made his way over to Privec.

As Acire emerged from the pub a small Halfling woman garbed in leather said “Is there ever a time you come here when you don’t make a scene? Why don’t you have a seat and join me. I’m Tilly Lightfoot I work the girls inside every now and then when they need my assistance”. She inquired about Acire and who she thought was her crippled friend (privec).

Meanwhile inside Indie was itching to get to the basement to find out what was going on. Privec stood and started making his way over to the orcs and Indie ordered three of the orcs regular drinks. She warned Indie to tread lightly with them and he headed over there. Indie arrived as Privec asked what was down in the basement as Indie handed out the pints amongst the orcs. The half orcs grinned happily chugging the drink down as the orc took his and placed it along a shelf on the wall. The Orc lied saying that there was only wine and ale in the basement and Privec was not even close to being fooled by him.

He quickly realized there would be nothing but lies coming from his mouth and decided to make his way over to the bar. Indie was in tow and decided to do the talking asking what the deal was with the orcs.



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